Register & Go is an iPart that may be deployed on the iMIS public site to enable contacts to register for an event without first logging in.  If they already have an iMIS record, the related registration & transaction tables are updated, and a MEETING activity record is created.  If they are not in iMIS, a new contact record will be created and linked to the transaction and activity records. 

The registrant may choose from a list of events on a drop-down lookup window or navigate from the event list or calendar. 

Currently, default pricing is used but soon we will be able to use member/non-member pricing. 

The automatic acknowledgement may be displayed on the screen &/or sent via email.   

The iPart will optionally allow Captcha to be enabled.  Also, if access to the ASI Address Verification Service (AVS) is provided, we may incorporate that into the iPart to reduce the number of duplicate records, should a donor miss-type their address information.

ASP.NET was used to design the iPart.  All database updates are handles through the REST API, making it cloud-friendly.  Duplicate checking is handled with IQA, so it may be modified by your organization.


Download Brochure – View screenshots and more information!