Fundraising organizations request the ability for donors to make an online gift without logging in. While this capability is currently available in iMIS, the donor is either presented with possible matches where they may select what they believe to be their information from a previous gift, or they bypass the window and create a new record. The former scenario poses a potential security issue where the contact information of someone with the same name or similar address is displayed. A great number of possible matches may appear for a charity with a large database. The second scenario causes a duplicate record to be created.

These duplicates will need to be merged, thus creating an unnecessary burden on staff. Give & Go with Record Match is an iPart that may be deployed on the public RiSE site, that works behind the scenes to provide an accurate match, without compromising security or causing duplicate records to be created. When the donor enters their information, if they are a previous giver, the donation will appear on their record and their giving history is updated. If they have not given in the past, a new contact record will be created, and the gift will be applied to that record.

The iPart may be called by embedding a source code, Item ID (distribution
code/gift item) or token into a URL that is sent to the donor as part of an email campaign. The URL may also contain a link to display a custom gift array, prompting the donor to select from 3 or 4 possible gift amounts based on RFM/segmentation values. Of course, the donor may choose to enter a different amount or select a different program. In addition, the iPart includes the ability for the donor to make a memorial/tribute gift, subscribe to or opt out from communication and/or make this a recurring gift. If any of those options are selected, the corresponding iMIS tables are updated.

The iPart will optionally allow Captcha to be enabled. Also, if access to the ASI Address Verification Service (AVS) is provided, we may incorporate that into the iPart to further reduce the number of duplicate records should a donor misstype their address information.

ASP.NET was used to design the iPart. All database updates are handled through the REST API, making it cloud-friendly. Duplicate checking is handled with IQA, so it may be modified by the organization, if necessary.


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