Enter and track gift demographics

Lane Services Fundraising Rapid Gift Entry ScreenMany larger not-for-profit organizations employ a business model requiring extensive database segmentation and complex gift tracking. iMIS Fundraising provides a foundation but does not include the ability to enter and track gift demographics, including requesting multiple premiums and splitting a gift among multiple campaigns or appeals. Lane Services created a custom gift entry screen to provide this functionality.

We make it easy!

On one screen, the user may update the donor’s basic name & address information, as well as enter information pertaining to the specific gift or pledge. Data elements tracked (others may be added) include:

  1. Source Code, Purpose Code (Campaign), or Key Code (Appeal)
  2. Premium(s) requested
  3. Amount
  4. Recurring Pledge Amount
  5. Club code, Letter code, Label code
  7. Special Interests


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