Process an entire appeal with a simple interface

Lane Services Fundraising Direct Mail RFM Selection Screen

Direct mail fundraisers require the ability to perform complex database segmentation so they reach out to the proper prospects or previous donors for special appeals. Based on historical recency, frequency & monetary (RFM) statistics, they assign key codes to these records and may offer special premiums to entice prospects to donate a greater amount than they had previously. In addition, it’s important not to ask a previous $10 donor for a gift in excess of $100, or ask a $100 donor for $10. The application also incorporates data from prospect records acquired from purchased or rented outside lists, as well as input from wealth engines derived from prospect research. Prospect records are checked against previous donors using a match code stored in major key to minimize the possibility of duplicate mailings. Mailings are personalized and in many cases sent to an outside vendor for processing.

Direct Mail or e-Mail campaign management in iMIS? We make it easy!

By maintaining procedures that were used to select records for previous appeals, this application provides an organization with a user interface to:

  • Process an entire appeal, from record selection to n’th naming
  • Deploy A-B testing
  • Add ‘decoy’ records
  • Provide pre-processing counts with the ability to modify segments
  • Create MAILING activities in iMIS
  • Create the export file


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