Turn your Crystal Report into a custom pdf and email

e-Z Mail provides your organization with the ability to inexpensively e-mail any Crystal Report (e.g. dues invoices & A/R statements that are not supported by the commonly used iMIS communication tools) to a list of recipients. You will have the opportunity to enter parameters and sort criteria before creating and sending the documents. This is particularly useful for organizations with an international customer base, where the ability to email dues invoices and A/R statements is essential.


1, 2, 3, it’s e-Z!

  1. Log in using your iMIS login and password and select, edit or delete a report to email.
  2. Add a new report to the list by locating the report, entering a description, the number of parameters to be prompted, and the name of the parameters. Determine your sort fields.
  3. Finally, select your recipients either by iMIS ID or select all. If the send was successful, you will receive confirmation. Any returned email will appear in the sender’s inbox. The link to the SMTP server is configurable and password protected.


Download Product Brochure – View screenshots and more information!